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The hash club
At the forefront of community service, The Hash Club prioritizes offering a legal and secure process for community members to access cannabis. This commitment extends to the belief that cannabis, dispensed primarily for medical purposes, can significantly contribute to the well-being of individuals. Furthermore, The Hash Club steadfastly upholds a strong belief in privacy, ensuring that members can attain cannabis in a confidential and secure manner.
Cannabis Africa
Cannabis Africa stands as a beacon of excellence in the cannabis industry, proudly cultivating its own cannabis to deliver exceptional products to the community. With a dedicated focus on premium strains and cultivation methods, the organization contributes to the enrichment of the community’s cannabis experience.

Green Hashish

Green Hashish is not just a hydroponic store, it’s a hub for cannabis enthusiasts, fostering awareness and quality products  for the growing cannabis industry in South Africa.

Through equipping growers with the tools and knowledge for successful harvests, Green Hashish actively contributes to the development of the cannabis industry in Mpumalanga. A trophy full of a cannabis should be consumed with products trusted by community for the authenticity and quality. Providing premium growing products and valuable tips, the organization empowers local growers and consumers, fostering a sense of community.



Greenrush is a thought leader for positive development, integrating a thriving and stigma-free cannabis community through collaborative efforts with the private and public sector. Based on our reliable knowledge hubs and affiliated organizations, we seek to educate the public about cannabis by shedding light on its medicinal and cultural significance.



Empower affiliated partners, members, stakeholders, and the public to contribute to the positive growth of the cannabis industry; inform on legislative  regulations ; promoting the responsible cannabis use; educate the public to make informed medical and dietary decisions and; highlighting the cultural use of cannabis for appropriate integration into society.



  1. Develop collaborative programs
  2. Platforms for community engagement
  3. Public sector: assist with land reform,          education, tourism, and industry.
  4. Private sector: unlock job opportunities       for community development.
  5. Establish a Bill of Responsibilities for             cannabis use in South Africa.

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