We are a team of Cannabis enthusiasts and lovers that have decided to dedicate a platform on anything Cannabis related. THE GREENRUSH IS JUST BEGINNING, get in early to be one of the leaders of tomorrow’s future.
We have a vision to encourage youth development through cannabis and potential job creation through our platforms.
Our sister site will be controlling the education section which we feel is the grassroots of any industry. we lack in this department and its something that needs urgent attention.
At GREENRUSH we want to move the digital marketing forward and with this type of a domain we want to develop and market all things cannabis related.
We have a vision to be the leading cannabis digital development and marketing website in SOUTH AFRICA, AFRICA AND THE WORLD.
There are many companies popping up without any credentials making a bad name for the industry as they don’t have the skills or experience in this industry. This is a serious issue and we want to allow them the freedom to find out ways of getting their products tested so that they too can develop, we don’t want to exclude you if your product is not safe, rather we want you to find other companies out there that can assist you in manufacturing a product safe for prospective buyers.
We aim at bringing Cannabis to one spot, where it becomes easier for anyone to find. we want all industries to unite under the LOVE FOR THE PLANT first before anything else, if we are true Cannabis lovers this wont be difficult.
At GREENRUSH we have clients looking for products but not sure of the legitimacy of the product, although GREENRUSH cannot be held responsible for any issues that may arise, we will strive hard to bring only the best on what South Africa has to offer.
We aim to provide a platform where buyers and sellers meet, where networking and developing a safe industry is one of our goals.

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on how you can make cannabis move forward.