At GREENRUSH, we have a passion on all things CANNABIS. We always looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of the industry. Cannabis has alot of social issues and we are at the forefront of educating the nation on its benefits in all forms. Our love for the plant extends in all directions and currently we working on Educating and informing the readers on the many different benefits of cannabis, how it can be implemented in your business and how we can work in making cannabis an industry where South Africa can lead.

We are a group of a few, some in their own field of non cannabis related industries, some have been activists for severel years, combining 25 years of experience.

We looking at developing a market to provide readers with first hand info on the leaders in the cannabis market.

We looking for ways to move the development forward, joining hands with all of the cannabis development organisations and create a market that is beneficial and successful. 

Our GREENRUSH team leader has been at the forefront of Cannabis since 2013.  it is through his willingness and love that we have moved this to a whole new level. His vast experience in the field is something most of us at GREENRUSH love. He shows true dedication towards the plant and although he is always out in the field we are proud to be having him on our team. His primary focus is Education and we are in the process of starting our first education and qualification centre in SOUTH AFRICA. Although this has many obstacles to cross, we are sure to get this up and running.

We work closely with leaders in the Canna industry to get more info on different news on their products, what they advice consumers to use, where to find the products etc. This gives exposure to your company and it helps our website grow too.

We are growing at a good rate and more people who wants to be involved in this GREENRUSH are contacting us on a regular bases on leads.

we have made it our priority to assist anyone wanting to get into this lucrative market.

at GREENRUSH we understand the laws are against us and it could be an issue, but we are head strong and well connected to ensure the movement is based on helping our economy and also help those to be financially stable by using our platforms to establish an industry which government and its various departments look at and acknowledge the importance of this industry in South Africa.

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